Amiwest is the premier Amiga-focused show in North America. Amiwest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things in the Amiverse: Commodore Amiga's, Emulation, Aros, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS . The show has become a yearly event in the community, with many new product announcements and introductions expected. Over the years, the show has seen Amiga companies come and go. Our goal has to be to create an environment for the community to come together and share ideas and AAA good times through it all.
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Exhibition Floor

Proposed show floor layout

Exhibitor spaces are still available! Advance exhibitor space reservations are required so that we can provide the necessary space and other facilities. Let us know that you'll be there and what we need to do to provide what you need for your exhibit. Just email info[at] so we can forward all the details to you.
Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
Sponsors of AmiWest since its founding in 1998 by SACC club members. The Amiga show on the West Coast of the U.S. and venue for the Amiga community gathering in the United States from all points on the planet. We have counted many Amiga luminaries among our members, among them the legendary Jay Miner. We currently maintain the Jay Miner memorial software library.
10-Minute Amiga RetroCast
Dynamic Computing (Douglas Compton) returns to AmiWest for 2021! Doug does the 10-Minute Retro Amiga Cast on YouTube. Welcome, Doug Compton!
Rabbit Hole Computing
Producers of SCSI2SD and ZuluSCSI, the latest generation of flash-based SCSI storage devices.
A-EON Technology, Ltd.
New AMIGAone hardware company bringing the Amiga X1000 and X5000 with dual-core PPC CPU and custom Xena chips to market.
Game Competition
AmiWest is having a game competition. This year we will be playing Bean vs. The Animator using a real Amiga and a light phaser! Check out the above link or more details.
AmiWest broadcast
Broadcasting Amiga shows for 24 years from all over North America. The technology has envolved from just IRC to IRC and Webcam to IRC, Webcam, and Streaming Audio, to IRC, Webcam, Audio, and Video. Tune in to see and hear the show live with real time Video Toaster effects.
SACC guy
SACC Guy returns for AmiWest 2022 as a SACC member exhibitor. He is actually one of the founders of AmiWest. He has many things to say about Amiga and is a very engaging conversationalist as well as a major X5000 beta tester. Come see his table at AmiWest 2022!
Chris Nelson - Solder Bench
Solder Bench by Chris Nelson. Mr Toast is back for AmiWest 2022. Stop by the Solder Bench to see his current project or to see if he will help your project out!
Infocessories, the Amiga REBOL community presenting the Relative Expression-Based Object Language by Carl Sassenrath. We will also have accessories (A1000 mice & keyboards, A1010 floppy drives, etc.) for your classic Amiga for sale. There will be Classic Amiga computers for you to purchase. Come visit our table.
ReA4091: SCSI2 on Zorro III for everyone!
All in all there were only two ZorroIII capable SCSI controllers ever made: The A4091/DKB4091 and the Phase5 Fastlane Z3. The Fastlane, by being a closed source fortress, is completely useless. It can not be repaired, or improved. But all GAL logic source code for the A4091 has been made available by Dave Haynie.
ReAmiga Boards by Francis Bernier
A collection of ReAmiga boards with enhancements by Francis Bernier.
UniJoysticle 2 by Retro.Moe
Unijoysticle 2 A500 is a device that enables Bluetooth gamepads and mice on the Commodore Amiga.
DiscreetFX was founded in 1995 by Bill Panagouleas to teach clients Video Production & Video Editing on the Video Toaster Flyer from NewTek. Over time the company morphed into a Digital Video Effects software content creator.
Duncan's Personal C= collection
First-time exhibitor from the neighboring Bay Area user group TOGA with a collection of Commodore systems. Come play games and watch demos on an Amiga 4000/060, PAL Commodore 128DCR, and (space and time permitting) VIC-20 and Plus/4.

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