Amiwest is the premier Amiga-focused show in North America. Amiwest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things in the Amiverse: Commodore Amiga's, Emulation, Aros, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS . The show has become a yearly event in the community, with many new product announcements and introductions expected. Over the years, the show has seen Amiga companies come and go. Our goal has to be to create an environment for the community to come together and share ideas and AAA good times through it all.
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Show Schedule

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- DevCon Day 1 start time, Oct 20
- DevCon Day 1 end
- DevCon Day 2 start time, Oct 21
- DevCon Day 2 end
- Main Show Day 1 start time, Oct 22
- Broadcast Start
- Day 1 Kickoff - Brian Deneen
- Day 1 Keynote - Main Sponsor
- Lunch Break
- Day 1 Show end
- Banquet Start
- Brian Deneen opening presentation
- Featured Speaker: Tim Jenison

- Main Show Day 2 start time, Oct 23
- Broadcast Start
- Broadcast End
- Show End

Tim Jenison Newtek Founder
Tim Jenison
Founder of NewTek and pioneer in digital video and computer graphics, Tim Jenison is an inventor, hacker, and keyboard player who has built his own pipe organ, flies his own aircraft and is the magnificent obsessive who took half a decade to maniacally reverse engineer a Vermeer painting using the Vermirrors and cleve optical aids thought by David Hockney and others to have been employed by Vermeer.

Brian Deneen SACC President
Brian Deneen
Brian Deneen has been an Amigan since 1986. He has been SACC President since 1999 and has organized the AmiWest show since 2001. He has an extensive collection of Amiga hardware, software and magazines. He is a REBOL enthusiast and is the proprietor of

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