Amiwest is the premier Amiga-focused show in North America. Amiwest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things in the Amiverse: Commodore Amiga's, Emulation, Aros, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS . The show has become a yearly event in the community, with many new product announcements and introductions expected. Over the years, the show has seen Amiga companies come and go. Our goal has to be to create an environment for the community to come together and share ideas and AAA good times through it all.
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Check out the fantastic prizes made available from our generous sponsors this year. Tickets will be sold at the SACC table. Drawing will be at show close on Sunday the 23rd and you must be present to win. Proceeds are used for next year's show!

Prices for tickets are:
3 for $5
8 for $10
20 for $20


RabbitHole Computing
RabbitHole Computing is providing a new ZuluSCSI board.

ZuluSCSI is a SCSI computer storage emulation platform, which speaks both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2. It uses file-based SCSI HDD & CD-ROM images, similar to RaSCSI and BlueSCSI. It represents a fusion of firmware and concepts from both SCSI2SD V6 and BlueSCSI. Hard drive and CD-ROM drive images are stored on a standard FAT32 or exFAT-formatted SD card. has donated a Terrible Fire 1260 128MB + IDE for A1200.

Terrible Fire 1260 is an accelerator and expansion card for the Amiga 1200 computer. It provides 128MB of Fast RAM, a fast 2,5" IDE interface, a Motorola 68LC060 processor clocked at 50/60/64Mhz, or a empty CPU socket to plug your own Motorola 68060 processor. has donated a Terrible Fire 536 64MB for A500 WITH 512kb/2mb Memory Expansion!

Terrible Fire 536 accelerator has been designed to be installed inside Amiga 500/500+, or Amiga 2000. It provides a Motorola 68030 CPU clocked at 50 MHz, 64MB of RAM, and a 2,5" IDE connector for hard drives and CF adapters.

The Amiga 500 512kb/2mb trapdoor memory expansion for Amiga 500. This expansion lets you to add 512 KB, 1.5MB, or 2MB of RAM to your Amiga 500. The on-board Real Time Clock is available as option. This is the perfect complement to our Terrible Fire 534 Accelerator for Amiga 500. If you are looking for a memory upgrade for the Amiga 500+, please click here. has donated two 100€ gift cards.

Two discount codes (vouchers) of 100€ each. The winner would be able to use them until 01/01/2023 to buy anything below that amount. If their order exceeds 100€, this value would be deducted from the total. The voucher would include the shipping costs.

Retro Passion
Retro Passion is providing a 6 issue subscription to Amiga Addict with both Print and Digial copies!

Retro Passion is a fantastic vendor, providing reacpping, refurbs, and equipment to keep our Amiga's running!

AmiKit is providing a license for AmiKit XE on CF Card for the Vampire.

AmiKit provides a modern Amiga desktop, ready to go right after installation. With RTG enabled and hundreds of apps and games installed you can jump right into using this Amiga as your daily machine!

SoftLogic, PageStream
SoftLogic is providing a license for PageStream

PageStream is a creative and feature-rich desktop publishing/page layout program available for Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Amiga.

Amiga Future
Amiga Future has donated a 1 year subscription!

The Amiga Future is a print magazine for the Amiga, which is released every two months. The magazine is available in English and German as a single magazine as well as in the annual subscription.
AMI64 has donated a £100 gift card!

AMI64 is a fantastic vendor in our community. "We live and breathe Commodore, more specifically the Amiga and C64."

Alinea Computer Shop
Alinea Computer shop has donated an OmniPort - Multi port Adapter for Amiga 1200

In our Amiga Shop you will find a wide range of Amiga hardware. We carry everything from Amiga joysticks and mice for gamers to turbo cards/memory cards for performance-hungry Amiga users. Cables and adapters for various applications are also available.
In addition, we offer self-produced Amiga hardware, such as the 4-way clockport extension, the OmniPort or the repair kits for all Amigas. Also new Amiga computers with PowerPC for the use of the new AmigaOS 4.1 are not missing at our shop.

Apollo Computer
Apollo Computer has donated a mouse and joypad!

Apollo computer needs no introduction! They are the creators of the incredibly popular Vampire accelerators and standalone for our Amiga Computers.

Retronic Design
Retronic Design is where retro meets electronic design. Offering a USB adapter for old D-Sub 9 pin joysticks like Atari, Commodore, Amiga, CD32, Intellivision, Sega and many many others !

Many other Amiga projects are under development.

See us at

Retronic Design
Retronic Design is where retro meets electronic design. Retronic Design has also donated FOUR (4) Amiga video (23 pin) to Component (YPbPr) adapters! Check out this 10MARC video to see this device in action

For Amiga enthusiasts, we offer an Amiga Video to Components adapter, allowing to replace old CRT for modern LCD TV. We also carry a remix of D-Sub 23 Connectors and Hoods for Amiga.

Many other Amiga projects are under development.

See us at

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