Amiwest is the premier Amiga-focused show in North America. Amiwest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things in the Amiverse: Commodore Amiga's, Emulation, Aros, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS . The show has become a yearly event in the community, with many new product announcements and introductions expected. Over the years, the show has seen Amiga companies come and go. Our goal has to be to create an environment for the community to come together and share ideas and AAA good times through it all.
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Game Competition
Game Details

Game Competition 2022

This year's game is Bean Vs. The Animator.

This will be a simple high score competition. The winner this year will receive eternal bragging rights and a handsome, one of a kind, 3D printed trophy!

For those unfamiliar with the game, the story goes. . .In the far future of 2010, many years after World War 3, flying cars and wristwatch TVs are commonplace and the human race has abolished its armies, now living a peaceful existence.

But one day a UFO descends from the skies. Its cargo, an alien race of machines seeking a new world after their own was destroyed by a supernova. The defenseless humans are powerless against the warmongering machines and promptly surrender to their mechanical overlords and their diabolical leader, The Animator.

All hope is lost until one day a strange misshapen figure walks out of the nuclear wastelands. A genetic cocktail of lifeforms, it is half man, half baked bean. It is known as... Bean.

Game Competition Trophy 2022

The game competition trophy is designed by James Gray, and 3D printed and painted by Josh Gray. Take a look at this year's trophy!.

Game Details

Bean vs. The Animator is a new release shooting game where the player uses the mouse and mouse button to aim and shoot at enemies and power ups that appear on the screen. This game optionally utilizes a light gun style controller. The setup on the show floow this year will be a stock Amiga 500 featuring a Sega Light Phaser 3050 with Amiga adapter as the controller.

Rules and Gameplay:

The official window for gameplay submissions open at show start at 10:00AM PST on Saturday October 22nd and final submissions must be received by the game officials by 3:00 PM PST on Sunday 23rd. Start practicing now!


Download Bean vs. The Animator ($5.00)

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