Amiwest Game Competition page

Amiwest 2021 is featuring an Obsession Pinball competition. You can access this game in the plus edition of Amiga Forever. If you don't have a copy of this fanstatic package, you should do so immediately!

  • This is a High Score competition
  • Highest score recorded by 3:00PM (PDT) Sunday October 17th wins
  • Start submitting scores 10:00AM (PDT) Saturday October 16th
  • Submit your high score by emailing a screen shot to, please include your name or handle
  • Multiple submissions are OK
  • We are playing on the Aquatic Board in Obsession Pinball, pictured here.
  • Cheats / trainers: No Unlimited Balls, Unlimited Tilts are OK
  • View your position on the leaderboard
  • Tie scores will be settled by random selection by AmiWest Broadcast
  • For best results, read the manual!
  • Winner will receive a custom made trophy, currently under construction!

The Trophy!!

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