AmiWest 2020 Game Competition

2020 AmiWest Game Competition

Created using REBOL Makedoc.
The game selected for this year is Deluxe Galaga.

This will be a simple high score competition.

The winner this year will receive eternal bragging rights and a handsome, one of a kind, 3D printed trophy!

Deluxe Galaga adds game elements which make this version of Galaga more sophisticated than the original arcade release. You can collect coins to buy power ups as well as collect power ups as they fall from your defeated opponents.I would encourage you to read about the game at and plan on playing around with the game a bit to get a feel for how some of the game elements work. This is a really fantastic version of the game.


Players may choose to play either the AGA or ECS version of the game as well as their platform of choice including Real Hardware, Emulation, or FPGA. Deluxe Galaga is available in Amiga Forever which is a quick and easy method for getting the game up and functional for those without hardware. For those with hardware, the game is available on AmiNet at the following links below. These are archives of the files and not ADF images. You will need to know how to install or create an ADF.

Deluxe Galaga AGA game
Deluxe Galaga ECS game

Note, the Instructions site linked above also has downloads for Deluxe Galaga and are the same, latest versions on AmiNet. Feel free to use those if you like.

Rules and Gameplay

The official window for gameplay submissions open at 10:00AM PST on Saturday October 24th and final submissions must be received by the game officials by 5:00 PM PST on Saturday October 24th. Start practicing now!

The game has 3 difficulty settings. Easy, Normal, and Hard. We will be playing at the Normal difficulty which is typically the default. To ensure you are at the appropriate level you can press "2" when the game loads to select the Normal level. This will also take you to the Game Control screen where you can see the Normal level is checked near the bottom of your screen.

Extra lives, or extra credits, are part of the game play. You start with a couple of continues and can buy/earn more along the way. It's NOT cheating to use the continues that you have. You start with 2 extra continues each game. When the game asks if you want to continue, say yes. Use them up until you have no more.

We are recording the scores for the competition based on screen captures/photos you send in of the Hall of Fame screen. If you miss the opportunity to capture that screen after playing your game, you can bring it up again by pressing the "H" key.

To submit a score

Send an email with your Hall of Fame screenshot attached to To ensure we can identify the scores which are yours, include the line number and name you used to record your score in the subject line of your email. We allow and encourage multiple submissions throughout the competition.

The leaderboard can be viewed HERE. It will be updated periodically throughout the day. The winner will be announced at the end of the AmiWest Broadcast on Saturday, October 24th.