AmigaOS DevCon
@Amiwest 2018

Seventh Edition

October 11th - 12th

A Unique Event in the Amiga World

The event will be held directly before the AmiWest show in Sacarmento, CA - October 11th - 12th. Traveling is expensive and we understand the burden that can place on folks financially and to their time. By combining the AmigaOS DevCon with AmiWest people can attend both events in one weekend saving airfare. This is the sixth year in a row for this event.

Here are what some of past years attendee's are saying about the event:
"As someone who is trying to teach myself how to program on all types of Amiga and Amiga-Like systems, I was very excited for the opportunity to learn something about programming from a few of the people responsible for working on AmigaOS4.x. The seminar was presented in a way that was easy for even people like me with limited programming experience to understand. The examples given were interesting and kept me wanting more right up to the end of the seminar. I wish it could have continued for an additional two days, or more." -Dave Morris

"I'd recommend the AmiWest programming classes to programmers of any level. I was able to pick up many new ideas and tips to improve upon my own programming." -Valiant

This year, lead instructor Steven Solie is already developing his seminar approach for this year. Other instructors are being contacted with topics for them to cover. It promises to be a very instructive approach. Mr. Solie has recommeded to all participants that they review material covered in previous years and posted to the AmigaOS developer wiki as a background to this year's meeting, which will progress from those topics into new territory.

The programming sessions will not end Friday afternoon. A section of AmiWest show floor will be reserved for those who want to continue hacking on their code. The Amiga devs will also be on-hand throughout the weekend to assist with people who want to keep working on their projects.

By the end of AmiWest and the DevCon, we hope to be able to sit with each participant and review their work, evaluate where they are headed and explore how they can keep moving forward. Unabashedly, the goal of these programming days has been to initiate more people into the Amiga development community.

To join the fun click this link and follow the instructions.

We have put together an FAQ to help answer questions about the event:

What is the goal?

To enable Amiga users to become Amiga Developers.

Who should come?

  • People that are familiar with using AmigaOS 4 (GUI, system, etc)
  • People that want to learn to develop for the Amiga Platform

What should attendees already know?

  • Basically conversant in C
  • Understand programming concepts (variables, control structures, modular programming, etc).
  • AmigaOS 4 SDK, most recent edition.
  • CodeBench or Cubic IDE.
  • Review the video's from previous years' events.

What if I don't know what I need to yet?

As part of the effort we will provide a list of activities and tasks to prepare for the event:

  • Online C tutorials. Go to to access an excellent online tutorial for "C". This is a "ground up" tutorial with clear instruction for the beginning programmer. The author has taught "C" at Harvard and is very clear in his approach. This is a basic starting point for those with desire to program but little or no knowledge of "C".
  • Suggested Reading. I like the "For Dummies" series of books
  • Example source code.

Why C?

While there are many excellent languages and systems for developing on the Amiga, such as PortableE and Hollywood, we feel that the C language provides vast power and flexibility.

Why not MorphOS or Aros?

There are many topics to cover and in order to create a focused and successful event we will limit ourselves to a single platform. Many of the topics and much knowledge will be transferable between the Amiga Compatible systems.

What should people bring?

  • Open mind
  • Willingness to learn
  • And their Amiga*
*If you are interested in attending but not able to bring your machine or a monitor contact us...

How much does it cost?

The event will cost $50 per attendee:

What does money get the attendees?

As part of the event attendee's will be provided the following:

  • Live access to the content.
  • Area for their computer and power.
  • Examples and Tutorials created for this event.
  • Top notch Amiga expert presenters.

Will the sessions be recorded on video?

  • The plan is to record the presentation sessions.

Who is presenting?

  • Steven Solie and a selected team of other Amiga developers.

Why do it?

The Amiga Platform has proven itself to be a survivor and the users are the key. Any platform thrives or dies based on the support it gets and having more developers producing Amiga compatible content is key to the Amiga thriving