AmiWest Day 2 Live Chat!

AmiWest Day 2 Live Chat!

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Doug Compton of 10-Minute Amiga Retrocast is our chat host!

Come in early and stay as long as you can.


Welcome to AmiWest 2020 Day 2. Today we are going to have a guided discussion forum hosted by Coug Compton of The broadcast will start at 10:00 AM PST and end around 4 PM. Our software has the capacity to host 250 people so please do join us. The URL for the meeting is HERE.

Who's online?

We know right now that Doug Compton, of course, will be online for the entire chat. Jerry Gray, SACC VP will be hanging out in the room as will Brian Deneen, AmiWest organizer and SACC President. Here are some of the people who will be coming in:

Jalk and Taylor Calk - Pintz and Amiga Game Night

John "BoatofCar" Shawler & Aaron Doughty - The Amigos

Eric Nelson, Tim Drew and Cody Hoffman from Pixel Gaiden Podcast

Chris Edwards - Former Commodore Amiga Technician (CATS) - current YouTube creator for all things Amiga

Eric "Amigalove" of Amigalove

Our topics

Doug will be leading the discussions in such areas as Classic Amiga, NG Amiga, Amiga reimplementation, emulation, and others. Please maintain your best discussion attitude and listening posture. We hope that this will be a great learning and sharing experience for all concerned!